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Picture the scene; you’re in a hospital, life-saving operations are being performed on an hourly basis while the ill and vulnerable are provided with essential equipment to elevate pain, improve their respiratory problems and keep them comfortable. If the worst should happen and the electricity cuts out, the entire hospital would come to a standstill and people’s lives would be at risk. To protect against this eventuality, backup diesel generators are needed to supply energy when it’s needed the most.

While this situation is unique to public and private healthcare centres, lack of electricity or a failing generator could bring your workplace to a complete halt; and in the current economic climate, this could make or break a business. To counteract this scenario, we at Tarplett Generators provide an emergency rental service which effectively supplies replacement diesel generators at short notice to replace broken or faulty generators for industrial units.

This is an invaluable service which many businesses and companies have found very useful in the past; giving you the energy needed to continue with work, and reduce the disruption which this could have on your working day. As specialists within the sector, we have a large number of diesel generators at our disposal, ready to be dispatched in the unfortunate event that your generator breaks down.

If you are ever in the situation where you require a replacement generator, then we at Tarplett Generators believe that we can offer you the support and equipment you need to continue with your working day. As we are equipped with the latest 65ton HIAB crane lorry, we are quickly able to deliver a suitable replacement 24/7.

To learn more about the services we provide, our website is filled with lots of useful information regarding the types of generators you can rent or purchase from us, and our emergency rental service which customers have found invaluable in the past. To speak to us directly, you can phone us on 01386 550 055